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FAT TIRE 1000W mountain e-bike top 022


Our fat tire electric mountain bike is equipped with 21 Shimano gears and 1000W motor (1.34hp horsepower) which is 4 times more powerful than a standard e-bike. Whether your climbing mountains, or commuting through city streets a Rich Bit has the power to get you there!



With a removable 17Ah waterproof LG Lithium battery, a Rich Bit  is easy to charge. High quality fat tires and a new BMS battery management system offer more effective energy usage and improved safety. Shipping throughout the Europe & UK.


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After searching long and hard to find the best affordable fat tire electronic bike for there own adventures, two young professionals decided these e-bikes were too good to keep to themselves. We got in touch with the manufacturer and in 2018 we met in London with Rich Bit Management to discuss Rich Bit UK. After our conversation covering e-bikes, our background and the market we agreed to represent Rich Bit manufacturer in UK directly. In 2018 February, we set up to help citizens of the UK and Europe have as much fun with these bikes as we did.



Buyers guide to our Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

E-MTB motor and power 250W versus 1000W


Motor is a fundamental part to any electric mountain bicycle, greatly influencing riding dynamics and trail performance. You may ask, how much power does an e-MTB need? In fact, that is one of the most popular asked questions and the answers will differentiate depending on the users. Electric mountain bike's climbing capabilities will depend on multiple factors, such as gear range, tires, suspension, and as you probably guess your motor power. Generally speaking, the higher the wattage, the higher your electric bicycle power will be. Rich Bit RT 022 e-MTB comes with 1000W, in comparison standard commuter e-bikes sold are only 250W. Therefore our e-MTB packs 4 times more power that a standard e-bike. 250W may be enough for flat rides, but it could be a bit of a downturn if you are going to mountains or steep hills. In fact, many e-MTB users experience that 250w e-bike becomes sluggish and slow on steep hills, especially if the cyclist is over 13 stone (83kg.)  This should not be a case with  48V *1000W.


​E-Bike Batteries – Everything you need to know

Electric bikes in the UK and Europe tend to come with either Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. There also are lead acid batteries but due to issues with their quality and weight these are not common in Europe. As the simplest explanation the lead acid batteries are similar to the ones we use in our cars, while the lithium ones use the same technology as mobile phones. Worth to mention there are currently 5 predominant companies well known for manufacturing electric bike batteries. These are Bosch, LG ,Panasonic, Shimano and Samsung. All are continuously improving their motor systems and providing software updates to increase power distribution and efficiency. Our 1000W Rich Bit e-MTB comes with LG Lithium Li-Ion Battery cell, which has higher energy density than Lithium Polymer, meanwhile 48*17Ah allows you to cover long range distances. In fact, our e-bike Pedal Assist System (PAS) combined with the 17Ah battery should allow you to cover around 60km (40miles) with one full battery charge.



E-Bicycle DriveTrain and it’s importance

You may actually be wondering what does it mean in the first place? In simple terms, bicycle drivetrain consists of the parts that are used to push the bike along. That means: pedals, cranks, chain wheel, chain, cassette (cogs) and derailleur. Energy passing through the electric bicycle drivetrain is very high, and in fact is significantly higher than a normal drive train system therefore leading to an increased wear and tear effect. We understand the importance of the drivetrain and have sourced these components carefully to ensure smoother gearshifts, avoid crunching through the gears and reduce wear on the drivetrain. Our 1000W Fat Tire E-bike consists of SHIMANO TX50 21speed shifter, SHIMANO M410 middle shifter and SHIMANO TX35 rear shifter (Rear Derailleur) , while our high quality Tioga S3 XC Crankset and aluminium pedals are manufactured by one of the leading bicycle component manufacturers WELLGO.


Mountain e-bike tires & benefits of 4.0 Fat Tires

Mountain e-bikes (or e-MTB) requires great tires, in fact cheap, thin and narrow tires are a no-go here, that is why we have our fat tires supplied by largest tire manufacturer in China CHAO YANG, manufacturing high quality tires for bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles worldwide. The wide 4.0 inch fat tire is actually a characteristic of fat tire electric bike distinguishing it from a normal mountain e-bike. With more surface area of the tire in contact with the ground, the weight of the e-bike and cyclists are spread out therefore this will smooth out the potholes and curbs, offering you a nicer ride with less wasted exertion. Wet or snowy gravel, or any other urban jungle obstructions will become less of a concern.  Summing it up, fat tires combined with the 1000w power, provides improved grip and traction with incredible force allowing you to experience some really challenging terrains off road.

Enjoy the ride!

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