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What's the difference between Rich Bit Top-012, Top-012 Plus &RT-022

A lot of people ask, what is the actual difference between Fat Tire Rich Bit 012, 012 Plus and RT 022? As we may guess, we made all of this more complicated than we supposed to. So here is the explanation.

Long story short Rich Bit 012 is an old model. Rich Bit 012 Plus and Rich Bit RT 022 is one and the same updated model, however marketed under two different names.

So anyways, what has changed?

1.We moved from LED display into LCD Display.

2.We made the motor more powerful. From 36V 350w into 48v 1000w motor

3.We upgraded the controller from 36v controller into 48v controller.

4.We improved on the battery. From 36v 10Ah battery into 48v 17Ah.

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